I grew up listening to music ranging from pop to classical. The moment that changed everything was hearing the opening song in the movie The Graduate, The Sounds Of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. 3 days later I had an acoustic guitar. I was fifteen. It would take another 10 years for me to add singing to playing. Eventually, I teamed up on occasion with two really super talented players and singers in Atlanta to form a trio. It then took a few more years to be comfortable playing solo. For me, playing and singing solo is really fun and gratifying when I feel like I sound reasonably good….but if I don’t then I find it not fun at all!
I always loved The Eagles music and especially Glen Frey’s voice. I must have listened to their first greatest hits album many hundreds of times!
I made this cover of Tequila Sunrise in my guest bedroom using one of the first commercially available digital recorders. This 4 track recorder was big and bulky compared to those available today which can fit in your hand. I played and sang on all the tracks with the exception of a very light percussion track which I created with a drum machine.


My Journey with Spine Pain
In my early-mid 50’s, I began experiencing low back pain which eventually became daily. I was EXTREMELY disappointed to see the degree of degeneration in my lumbar spine.  Having seen such positive results with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and bone-marrow derived stem cells with my own patients for spine and joint pain, I immediately started down the regenerative route after undergoing a couple of steroid injections. My own journey through the world of spine pain has led me to a deeper of understanding of the daily impact of pain on every aspect on one’s existence. In fact, I designed Innovation MD around the kinds of treatment options I wanted access to in managing my own pain. And, I am bound to say that the regenerative toolbox has served me extremely well. I am able to work a very busy full-time schedule and engage in the types of exercises and activities I enjoy most…..without steroids or pain medicine.