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About Innovation MD

Innovation MD brings 40 years of combined clinical experience in caring for patients with a variety of pain syndromes and associated health issues. Our innovative approach is charting a new path for integrative wellness, functional medicine and alternative pain treatments.

Our approach uses the health of the cell as our conceptual target.  We offer natural approaches to these difficult issues using a scientifically-based, comprehensive array of interventions to support your body’s own healing mechanisms. All of the interventions we utilize have long track records of safety and efficacy. There are significant amounts of scientific literature supporting these approaches. Rather than provide supporting literature on the website, we encourage all our patients to independently research all of our approaches through Google Scholar and PubMed.

In addition to image-guided regenerative injections, we utilize targeted nutrition, infra-red light, pulsed electromagnetic field and ozone-based technologies to optimize your healing potential and your state of wellness so that you can better do the things you want to do with more energy and less pain.

P. Tennent Slack, MD, created Innovation MD after years of working as a pain medicine specialist and realizing that more tools were needed to treat pain than those available in the traditional insurance-covered medical arena. Dr. Slack began using platelet-rich plasma and bone-marrow derived stem cells to treat spine pain in his traditional practice with excellent long-term results. Furthermore, he utilized the same treatments to manage his own low back pain successfully.  Dr. Slack subsequently expanded the regenerative injection practice model to form Innovation MD which includes a much broader and comprehensive toolbox geared to optimize healing and wellness. 

Dr. Slack works in clinical partnership with Ricardo Boye, a highly experienced, board-certified naturopathic doctor and registered dietitian to bring personalized, cutting-edge care to all Innovation MD patients.



A few “explainer” videos give you a quick look at some aspects of our philosophy and modalities used.

The Big Picture

Image-Guided Injections