At Innovation MD, we use intravenous ketamine to treat both PAIN and DEPRESSION which do not respond to traditional therapies. In the case of depression, if you are under the care of a mental health provider, we initiate ketamine therapy in consultation with that provider. 


Since its FDA approved in 1970, ketamine has been used primarily in the setting of anesthesia.  However, over the past 2 decades, ketamine has been used with increasing success to treat difficult chronic pain conditions like complex regional pain syndrome and other nerve pain type conditions which do not respond to traditional therapies.  Ketamine has also been used successfully to treat depression. 

Ketamine blocks a special type of receptor in the central nervous system (NMDA receptor) which can, through a complex and not fully understood array of actions, result in highly effective pain and depression reduction when delivered in a series of intravenous sessions.  

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