Charting a new path for integrative wellness and pain management.

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Back Pain
Spine (neck, low back, tailbone, SI joint) pain can cause tremendous suffering and loss of function. Innovation MD uses innovative, pro-healing approaches to optimize the body’s healing potential to reduce pain and improve functioning.
Joint -Pain
Osteoarthritis of the hip, knee and other joints can cause pain can cause major disruption in quality of life and ability to perform activities of daily living.
Sports Injury
Inflammation and minor tears in soft tissues can cause significant pain which often responds well to targeted pro-healing treatment modalities. Treatment plans are customized based on your specific condition and needs.
Diabetes, injuries, infections and exposure to some medications and toxins can cause nerve damage which results in tingling and pain in the hands and feet.  Innovation MD works to find relief from the discomfort as well as ways to prevent future damage.
In addition to causing neck pain, arthritis in the neck can trigger a variety of headache syndromes. Innovation MD offers treatments to help reduce both the severity and frequency of these types of headaches.
Innovation MD takes a multi-modal, patient-centered approach to help reduce pain and improve wellness. Current research is revealing new insights into whole body pain syndromes like fibromyalgia.  Whole body pain syndromes frequently include other troublesome symptoms like excessive fatigue, poor sleep and low mood.
Our approach helps patients support healing through customized, targeted nutritional support built on the “food as medicine” concept. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is not only high in saturated fats and preservatives, but also low in important nutrients your body needs to support your health on a cellular level.
The most effective way to minimize pain is to maximize wellness. Our approach brings together cutting-edge regenerative, integrative and functional medicine therapies in a coordinated way to facilitate whole body healing.

Charting a new path for integrative wellness and pain management.

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Where regenerative medicine meets advanced spinal care

The Innovation MD approach offers advanced, customized wellness care targeting root causes of disease and pain. Conceived and led by pain specialist P. Tennent Slack, MD, this team of professionals works from the concept that maximizing wellness is the best way to optimize your functional status, enhance your performance, and minimize your pain.

Bridging traditional and nontraditional medicine

Innovation MD’s multidisciplinary team bridges the gap between traditional and non-traditional treatment methodologies to achieve maximum benefit. Our innovative treatment strategies are designed to complement your traditional wellness and pain care. We treat back pain, arthritis, and other disorders which limit wellness. Therapies can also help you get better sleep and have better mental clarity.

The power
of innovation to heal

Innovation MD brings 40 years of combined clinical experience in caring for patients with a variety of pain syndromes and associated health issues. Our innovative approach is charting a new path for integrative wellness and pain management. Through innovative medical practices, such as stem cell therapy we can help your body heal itself.

We understand the corrosive effects that daily back pain and other chronic pain can have not only on an individual’s day-to-day existence but also on surrounding family and friends.  Providing relief under such difficult circumstances is paramount to our mission.

Through an individualized “symphony of treatments“, we work with patients to maximize the body’s own amazing ability to heal itself.








Transparency and accuracy regarding our treatment methodologies are fundamental to our practice. The success of Innovation MD is NOT built on over-blown promises, inaccurate information and massive ad campaigns. Instead, our success comes from the kindness, customized care, and results we work to provide each patient.

Pain is complex. It is not only different from person to person, but also varies for each of us based on our general health and life circumstances.

Meet Madison Fuller

If you have been in to Innovation MD even once,  chances are you have had the enjoyment of working with Madison. We are happy to have her on board because she not only cares deeply about the process, but even more so about each of the patients. To get to know her...

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For human-derived regenerative materials, we adhere to FDA tissue guidances as published on the FDA’s website.
All medical devices used in our practice for therapeutic purposed are FDA registered and have been assigned FDA classifications.