EWOT & Altitude Training


By utilizing the body’s ability to distribute oxygen to tissues during exercise, Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) is an efficient way to boost oxygen availability to cells thus supporting a variety of critical metabolic processes. When properly administered, exercise with oxygen therapy can support your body’s ability to heal which can translate into less pain and higher energy levels.

For maximum therapeutic outcome, our team will help develop a regimen based on your specific needs. Treatment times are very short (15 minutes) and are performed one to three times per week. Our EWOT system (MaxxO2) is also equipped for intermittent altitude training for athletic performance enhancement.

We select candidates for EWOT based on medical history and clinical presentation. The number of suggested EWOT sessions per patient is specific to that individual and is limited to a finite number.

We are a registered MaxxO2 provider.

We encourage you to independently research ALL of our treatment modalities at Google Scholar and PubMed.