"If lifestyle optimization came as a pill, it would be the most powerful and far-reaching drug known to humankind… and this is precisely the way we view it."

P. Tennent Slack, MD




It is well known that the average American’s typical eating patterns creates a host of problems that are only really treated by diet and not by medications.  Optimizing your nutrition brings with it a host of benefits, from improving resistance to a host of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and various immune syndromes, to simply feeling your best day in and day out.  Levels of inflammation in our body are directly related to how you eat on a regular basis.

At Innovation MD, we adopt a “Food is Medicine” approach to nutrition, understanding that the dietary choices we make daily can be the best medicine we take.  Our team will guide you in making the best nutrition and lifestyle changes that are right for you, customizing your diet to make sure you that you too can benefit from the power of good nutrition.



“All diseases begin in the gut.”  Such was the statement by the father of medicine, Hippocrates of Greece, during the 4th century BC.  That simple observation has carried over all the way to the present time, where now modern science recognizes just how true this is.  Your digestive system influences every aspect of your health, from your mood and memory, to the way your heart functions, your hormones, and so much more.  Taking care of your digestive system can be the single most important thing you can do to start improving your health in a comprehensive, holistic way. 

Innovation MD uses the latest in laboratory technology to detect the balance of your gut flora – your unique microbiome – which helps to inform the nutrition and dietary therapies that can go a long way to support conditions like leaky gut and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 



One of the most exciting changes in medicine today is in the field of Integrative Medicine.  It offers an approach to health problems which seeks to bridge the best of modern medicine with the best of our more holistic traditions, with the sole aim to help the body to heal itself and not rely so much on symptom management and medications that often have troublesome side effects.

Innovation MD has Integrative Medicine as a core principle of our combined, holistic approach to healing.  Our team will work closely together with you to create a healing plan that optimizes your healing potential, reducing pain and inflammation as you improve the quality of your life.  New insights into the the brain’s role in many pain syndromes is taken into consideration, with cutting edge biofeedback treatments that help to recalibrate pain and discomfort.  Combined with optimizing your nutrition, your whole health is our goal – mind and body.