Lifestyle Management and Performance Enhancement

"If lifestyle optimization came as a pill, it would be the most powerful and far-reaching drug known to humankind… and this is precisely the way we view it."

P. Tennent Slack, MD

The core of our approach involves helping patients optimize the key elements of lifestyle:


  • diet
  • movement and exercise
  • stress management

All the treatments in the world cannot take the place of lifestyle optimization. Nor will such treatments be as effective in the absence of proper lifestyle management. Thus, either directly or through customized consultation, we help patients map out and achieve lifestyle changes geared toward maximizing wellness and the body’s ability to heal.

In particular, we focus on the “food as medicine” principle seeking to take full advantage of the pharmacologic properties of food and botanically derived supplements. We encourage all patients to consult with a registered dietitian nutritionist and naturopath.


We also recognize the vital body/mind connection


We are proud to partner with The Atlanta Healing Center to bring patients a comprehensive team of experts in neurofeedback, stress reduction, cognitive enhancement, and reduction in reliance on opioids and other habit-forming medications.

We encourage you to independently research ALL of our treatment modalities at Google Scholar and PubMed.

You can learn more about how we will be shaping lifestyle habits together at Innovation MD from Dr. Slack’s Introductory Workshop here.