Even a casual study of the spine reveals why so many people have back pain. This miraculous structure provides the primary structural framework which protects the spinal cord and the nerves connected to it while simultaneously giving us the ability to stand, sit upright, bend, twist and walk. 

The price we pay for the spine’s miraculous balancing act is that the intervertebral discs and joints comprising spine are prone to degeneration. Such degeneration may become a source of daily, chronic pain which can SEVERELY impact an individual’s functional status and quality of life. Painful spine degeneration can be a problem FOR ALL AGE GROUPS!

The causes of back pain are diverse and include: arthritis in the spine bones and joints, bulging and herniated discs, irritated or pinched nerves.  Unfortunately, spine pain can rear its ugly head at any time, even the absence of any type of injury or activity.

At Innovation MD, we work to maximize support for your spine through lifestyle enhancements as we target the source of pain and immobility with innovative treatment methods.

Depending on your unique condition, you may benefit from one or more of our therapeutic options.