If you have been in to Innovation MD even once,  chances are you have had the enjoyment of working with Madison. We are happy to have her on board because she not only cares deeply about the process, but even more so about each of the patients. To get to know her better, here are a few words about Madison and how it all came together.

Madison Fuller, RN

I can specifically recall my first coffee meeting to discuss Dr. Slack’s “out of the box” health model. I remember the excitement I had when I realized that there is so much more to offer than what’s commonly practiced. So many thoughts were running through my head: “why aren’t more people onto this?”, “does it REALLY work?” and “who wears basketball shorts in the winter?” (Here’s a clue: I was wearing jeans). Aside from that, it was clear that I was presented with an opportunity to team up with a physician whose passions are completely aligned with mine and I can’t miss this!  

At the time, I was a float nurse for Northeast Georgia Physicians Group spending most of my time in Radiation Oncology so the concept of “light therapy” wasn’t so foreign. I have spent much of my nursing career in the outpatient setting which I began in 2012 as a Licensed Practical Nurse then bridged to a Registered Nurse in 2017 (pregnant with my third baby, mind you). As a float nurse, I was afforded training in multi-specialty areas where I met Dr. Slack. I was also spending days and nights working as needed on a Medical-Surgical hospital floor.

Dr. Slack has a professional interest in staying in front of cutting-edge medical technologies to better serve his patients. His enthusiasm led me to my deep commitment to Innovation MD. Since then we’ve worked together to develop a model that will deliver a healthcare experience that would be considered personal and exceptional and incorporating therapies that deliver results. As Registered Nurse and Clinical Operations Manager, I am directly involved with consultations, delivering therapy, assisting during procedures, and developing the infrastructure of the practice.

The biggest reward I receive is seeing someone’s face light up in amazement about how much better they feel or how effective the treatment has been in reducing their pain. This is the reason I became a nurse. We don’t always turn such dramatic corners for people, but I think our patients truly feel that we provide an exceptionally personal experience and support them in every way we can.