Exercise and Movement


At Innovation MD, we take a holistic approach to health and wellness. We provide our patients with a comprehensive approach to achieving optimal health through regenerative therapies, nutrition, exercise and movement. These approaches promote pain-free living and a healthy body and mind.

Our concierge movement program was created to alleviate or eliminate pain caused by faulty habitual movement patterns that have developed overtime.

Our kinesiologist, Caitlin Casazza, will guide you through a personalized exercise program to achieve pain-free living by eliminating movement patterns that contribute to pain and hinder daily functioning.

Each movement program begins with a rehabilitation phase program focused on restoring range of motion to restricted joints, promoting muscle activation, and correcting faulty movement habits.  Once you have made sufficient progress towards pain-free movement, we will educate you on injury prevention through daily movements, stretches, or exercises that prevent regression.
To learn more about Caitlin and all the services she offers, visit her website at PrecisionRehabAndRecovery.com


Below are a couple of stretch videos Caitlin uses to build flexibility and strength.  She will tailor a program to your specific needs and abilities.  Call today to schedule a consultation.